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Designed Materials Ltd

Designed Materials Ltd are materials processing experts, specialising in outgassing systems, hydrogen management systems, and process automation

  • Powder outgassing testing at up to 1800C and in vacuum, reducing or inert environments to understand what key contaminant species are present in your powder

  • Develop a process recipe for outgassing the powder tailored to your exact process requirements

  • We can then design and build a fully automated machine tool to run the outgassing recipe, capable of processing R&D (kgs) to industrial (tons) quantities of powder as required.

  • Design and build of fully automated management systems for safe end-to-end supply, use and disposal of hydrogen​​​​​.

  • We can advise on best practice and regulatory compliance (DSEAR, ATEX etc.) and develop your safety case documentation to cover a range of uses.

  • Highly intuitive graphical visual interfaces

  • Robotics, including in-vacuum systems and manipulators

  • Integration into production lines with other OEM equipment

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