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Designed Materials Ltd builds advanced control systems for scientific and industrial machine tools.

Example 1:  DC plasma coating R&D system

The customer had two existing plasma coating production systems built overseas running on NI Labview, but with no system documentation, no source code and no way of contacting the original code authors. We reverse engineered the code, and redesigned a new hardware rack to CE standards. The new system has enabled the researchers to perform R&D on the process for the first time since inception.


Plasma coating automation system screenshot

Example 2: Robust in vacuum control and robotics for a noisy RF plasma process

The client required a touch screen control rack for a novel plasma deposition process requiring microsecond timing accuracy and extreme electrical noise immunity capable of withstanding fast 20kv pulses at 10cm distance. We designed a full automation system enabling the company to produce several plasma deposition “firsts” in their field.


Pulsed plasma automation system

Example 3: R&D densification furnace for 3D printing company

The client required a small R&D furnace capable of running to 1600C off a 13A socket, with logging and control as standard. The client was able to prove the concept was valid before ordering industrial scale systems, lowering their R&D risk.


R&D furnace automation screenshot
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