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Our expert outgassing services can help you get to market quicker

Step 1: Powder/part outgassing tests

  • Analysis of desorbed species in each temperature band in our custom built outgassing facility

  • Total mass loss tests over each process run

  • Before/after powder morphology tests (using SEM imaging/EDX/flow testing)

  • Tests to find effects of vacuum/reducing/inert gas purging on outgassing rates

Our dedicated outgassing system

Step 2: Model your process

  • Vacuum modelling to understand outgassing characteristics of process


Full residual gas analysis all the way up to 1800C

Step 3: Build your outgassing system

  • Design and build you a customised outgassing system tailored to your process

  • Fully automated, touchscreen driven, with recipe creation and cloud services as standard


Fully automated outgassing system customised to your process


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