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Phil holds a PhD in novel diamond annealing techniques from University College London,

and a BSc in Biotechnology from Imperial College London and has over 12 years R&D experience both inside and outside academia.


Phil has hands-on experience in fundraising for start-up companies and projects in the materials processing industry, and is responsible for business development and IP management (2 granted patents in multiple territories).


Phil specialises in automation and has designed and built a number of fully automated manufacturing and R&D systems for the materials processing industry. He currently works with a range of clients building automated systems for plasma deposition, HIP/CIP metal powder processing, and safe hydrogen management.

Phil Taylor
Mike Whitfield

Mike holds a PhD in Plasma Enhanced CVD diamond growth and characterization from University College London.  Mike has over 26 years R&D experience working in academia, the nuclear industry and several small high-tech commercial companies supplying the semiconductor and materials processing industry.  He has published 40+ journal and conference papers.


Mike is experienced in ultra-high vacuum and is responsible for overall vacuum, gas system design and modelling. He has specialist knowledge of safety issues and risk assessment in lab and engineering environments. He currently works with clients on projects ranging from HIP/CIP metal powder processing to experimental fusion reactor design.

About Us

Designed Materials Ltd are materials processing experts, specialising in outgassing systems, hydrogen management systems, and process automation.

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